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The Seabin Foundation is a ACNC registered charity. We are working towards turning off the tap to plastics entering our waterways. Because if you cannot turn off the tap, how will we ever clean up the mess?

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The Seabin

A Seabin is a floating rubbish bin designed to be installed in marinas, ports and yacht clubs.

The Seabin Foundation works in collaboration with the existing fleet of Seabins around the world, to monitor plastic pollution and more.

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The Seabin Foundation offer projects focused on education, data collection, new tech community and scientific research.

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We understand that if we only focus on cleaning up the mess, this is all we will ever do. This is why we need data, for better litter prevention.

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With your help, we are able to collect more information about the health of your waterways, and use it as a force for good.


Our data can change the world

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The Ocean Health Platform and dashboard is being developed by Seabin in collaboration with the Seabin Foundation to monitor, measure and report the health of waterways. Our goal is to provide data driven solutions through education and thereby progress humanities behaviour towards cleaner oceans, helping support the world’s biodiversity.


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Stay tuned with our latest achievements for cleaner oceans.

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