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Bamboo toilet paper and Seabin’s – Making a difference together

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Written by Seabin Foundation

It may seem odd that a toilet paper company would run a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign focused on cleaner oceans… But, with 15 years of plumbing experience under their belt running CRG Plumbing & Maintenance, the owners of  FlusheD ECO have seen too many things, which should never be flushed down a toilet, sadly ending up in sewer pipes – and ultimately in our oceans! So they decided to take action and Adopt a Seabin!

FlusheD ECO toilet paper is made from 100% natural bamboo, which breaks down much quicker in our toilet pipes as well as saves trees. The family-owned business is founded on the philosophy of providing everyday people with an opportunity to make a difference to our environment and our future by purchasing the simplest everyday product. The paper is also super lux for your bum!

Thanks to their Impact partnership with Seabin Project, they are also supporting the clean-up and protection of our oceans, through the sponsorship of a Seabin unit installed at Gladesville Bridge Marina, Sydney. Below are the photos of their Seabin’s first-day catch.

Family at Seabin

FlusheD ECO owners Cameron and Renee Garcia felt drawn to Seabin’s creative approach and use of technology to help clean our oceans. For them, the partnership is more than brand alignment, it’s a philosophical meeting of minds.

“The Seabin Project enables us to give everyday people the chance to make a difference and our sponsorship of a Seabin is made possible through every roll of toilet paper sold,” says Renee.

“As a small family business, with two young boys we feel we need to do everything we can to enable them to have a better future and experience cleaner oceans,” she says.

FlusheD Eco deliver all over Australia and want to support Seabin in every state and territory too – so watch this space!

“We hope our partnership with the Seabin Foundation will spread more awareness and education of the importance of clean oceans. As a collective we can do so much to make our environment a better place to live for now and our future generations,” says Renee.

So, what’s the weirdest thing they’ve seen caught in our sewer system?  

– Often we see many children’s toys from small to large, we have also seen a lot of false teeth and mouth plates. Quite often we also pull underpants out of drains and pipes.

And what’s the most common item that gets flushed down our toilets that shouldn’t be?

– Gold Fish!  and personal hygiene items such as tampons and pads and also wipes [they shouldn’t be flushed!]. As plumbers, we promote flushing only the 3 P’s, Pee, Poo and Paper (FlusheD ECO bamboo paper of course) 😊

FlusheD Eco is calling for your help – they have a Seabin naming competition running until April 30th 2021. Visit @flushedeco on Instagram for details on how to enter your name suggestion (PLUS a chance to win a years’ worth of sustainable loo roll (Sydney metro entrants only).

How to get involved

There are over 1000 Seabins around the world, all contributing to the global Pollution index, so contact us here to find out where the closest Seabin location to you may be and how you can get involved on our mission for cleaner oceans.

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